Saturday, March 15, 2008

when I want to relax, I take pictures

I've had this photoshoot in my head for a while, and finally last Saturday we drove to Ocean City to take the shots. The concept was vintage coats with stilettos, very vintage glam hair, and red lips, against a background of the abandoned beaches. Well, we got to the beach and it was pouring and the wind was gusting up to 55 mph. So the girls didn't want to do it, but we hadn't just spent 2 hours pincurling Jo's hair just to give up. You can see her hair deteriorate as the shoot progresses, and maybe I should call this "the ruined shoot." But I absolutely adore these pictures and hope you enjoy them, too.

the eyes have it

striking a pose

clara bow



joie de vivre



like a skylark

hiding from the crowds

calling a cab

last night's fun



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