Monday, October 20, 2008

the wedding of j&t

So this was one wedding where we talked to the groom first. T knew le husband through the local coffee shop, so we met J later. can I just say that they are a lovely couple, and an absolute delight to work with? T was super-organized, J super-relaxed, and the whole wedding party was fun and outgoing. The day was a little cool, but by the time everyone was done dancing, nobody minded!

So there was no flower girl, but there was a small niece who hung out with us as the bride got ready, and she was pretty much the cutest thing ever.

the dress
T had arranged where J was getting ready, and it was a suprise. It turned out to be the guest cottage where they were to spend the night. This window is in the master bedroom, and it just bathed the whole room in gorgeous light. Lovely.

Surrounded by her 'maids.

what she has to look forward to
I love this moment.

never were there such devoted sisters

ready at last
Coming downstairs, looking for her shoes.

the lovelys + equine
The guest cottage had so many lovely locations. This handsome horse came over to investigate as we were shooting; either he wanted to be a bridesmaid or he wanted to eat a bouquet. I'm not certain.

the handsomes
The guys spent the morning shooting at the family vineyard, but when they clean up, they clean up well. Wouldn't you agree?



beautiful light

There was a point in the ceremony where the congregation blessed the couple.

Married at last!

arriving at the reception
The wedding party took a boat from the ceremony to the reception.

t with the girls

j with the guys



first dance

the honored niece
The little niece has been looking forward to the dancing for weeks, and she was quite the belle of the ball.

one for the scrapbook

even the best dancers get tired feet after a while.
That's the mother of the bride, and no, she didn't wear those all night. (Side note: she was awesome. loved her.)

I just love you girls
Mother of the bride, matron of honor, and bride. She's so proud of her girls.

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