Monday, December 01, 2008

the engagement of J&T

This is le husband's brother; we're shooting his wedding in July next year. While they were out for Thanksgiving we drove up to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, to take their engagement photos, and I love them. They're both super-photogenic (to the point that it's a little sickening), so I loved shooting them. Although I must confess to being a little nervous going into it; we're a very non-PDA family, so would it be weird to take mushy pictures of my brother-in-law? Fortunately, it was cool, and I love these pictures. 

There's this old house I love to use as a backdrop; I made them go inside. (Actually, J volunteered and T was sort of dragged along.) 

Isn't that light amazing? 

See, this is the way I usually use this space. 

Isn't she lovely? 

Hooray for brick walls! 

sweet moment
Yes, those "sexy brooding good looks" genes do run in the family. 

i've got a secret

On the steps to somewhere. 

almost a heart shape
I love the way they almost form the shape of a heart here. 

But that's not how it used to be/ When the jester sang for the king and queen
This makes me think of that line from American Pie about the king and queen and jester. 


an unfortunate moment ensued in which he attempted to recreate that scene from "forgetting Sarah Marshall"
Ok, so right before this picture was taken we had an unfortunate moment in which he attempted to reenact that moment from "Forgetting Sarah Marshall." yeah, THAT moment. 

marc jacobs ad, anyone?
Is it just me, or does this look like a Marc Jacobs ad? You know, these ads

they made with the smoochies

iconic much?
My absolute favorite, and once again, taken by le husband, NOT ME. Sadness. 

every heartbeat bears your name

penny lane
Penny Lane and ambient light. Love it. 

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