Tuesday, August 26, 2008

mac's senior photos

So it's that time of year: senior photos! I had two shoots last week, with two very different girls, and they were both tons of fun.

M is homeschooled and the oldest of six. We hit the downtown plaza (I'm afraid I'm wearing that place out!) and then pemberton park. Awesomeness!

Isn't her pink gown fab? 

She looks all emo here. Love it. 

Aren't her eyes amazing? 

I love this one. 

Very rarely can I get an upside-down shot to work, but it does here. 

My favorite. blue toes! 

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Monday, August 18, 2008

the wedding of l&c

This wedding had a ton of firsts for us: first cake smash, first sparklers, first time we've taken over 2000 photos, one of a only a few where the groom actually liked to dance. And it was amazing fun. This was one of the most detailed weddings we've seen this year, and the setting was absolutely breathtaking. Add to that a very photogenic couple and adorable wedding party, and it was one of those weddings where I say "If I can't take good pictures of this, I just need to pack up and go home." I think we managed, though.

ready to run
There were tiny touches of adorableness everywhere I looked.

love is in the details
The friends of the bride were amazing, and kept her laughing pretty much the whole time.

getting beautiful
This particular bridesmaid looked like Rachel Bilson. Only prettier. The whole wedding party was gorgeous.

put on your dancing shoes
Flats! Perfect for dancing, right?

last-minute nails
So this makes me laugh, because the whole "when shall we update the nail polish" thing turned out to be quite complicated. Obviously we decided that getting into a wedding dress with soft polish was way too difficult, so we went with the after-dress touchup.

Champagne has a calming effect, don't you know?

like an old old pictures
L managed to look completely timeless, I thought. Seriously though.

the maids
I was jealous they got to put their feet in. I wanted to!

all the girls

le flowers
The mother of the bride did all the flowers, and this was her first attempt. Didn't she do an amazing job?

quiet moment
I walked in on L and her dad having a quiet moment of prayer as they waited for the ceremony.

waiting to walk
From where she sat, she could look out and watch everything that was going on, but no one could see her. It was perfect and lovely, because she was hidden, but not shut away from everything that was going on.

sundrenched centerpiece
The dinner tables were set up behind the ceremony area, and I grabbed this shot of a centerpiece shortly before the ceremony began. Isn't the light amazing?

Waiting for everything to begin.

long, long aisle
The processional was long, but beautiful.

giving her away

Fact: to grab this shot I totally had to cheat. The flower girl forgot to drop any flowers on the way down, so I pulled a few petals off a rose that was tied to a nearby chair. But I like it.

The light! The tree! It's all so gorgeous!

We were scrambling to get formals done before we lost the light. We managed.

flower girl
Cutest. Flowergirl. Ever.

first dance
Their first dance.

Cake attack! Don't worry, she got him quite well, too.

what a magical night for dancing
Isn't it magical?

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c&p wedding, 8/8/08

So this was a second wedding for c&p, and they were blending their families. It was lovely. Relaxed, joyous, and well-thought-through, it was a privilege to be there to take pictures. C&P are both incredibly good-looking, so I couldn't STOP taking pictures of them. They dance together quite well, too.

the blushing bride
C wanted to be alone when she got ready, so I arrived after all the fixing up was done. This was taken in their suite, which was amazing. There were carved elephants outside the bed and breakfast!

flowers and poem
As part of her vows, C read this poem by e.e. cummings. I love it.

isn't she beautiful?

going up the aisle
Her brother walked her down the aisle.

Under the arbor. The wedding was at Nassau Valley Vineyard, and I loved the light during the ceremony.

the little guy
This is C's son and P's daughter sitting together during the ceremony.

family sand ceremony
One of my favorite bits was the part where the couple had all their children come forward and each parent proceeded to make a vow to love the other's children and raise them to the best of their ability. The whole family then participated in a sand ceremony, using each person working together to make something beautiful.

the kiss
It was a very good kiss.

so happy together

not-so-random guest
This exceptionally dapper young man is the nephew of the bride. He wore a completely awesome vintage three-piece suit as well as this amazing hat. It's good to see someone dress for a wedding.

The centerpieces included the corks the c&p have collected together.

first dance
First dance. Her skin really is that amazing. I didn't do anything to it.

The DJ had a bubble machine on his setup. I loved it! The kids did too, of course.

last dance of the night
Last dance of the night.

the building

held safely

together at last


into the woods

amongst the vines


It was a beautiful wedding, they were amazingly awesome people, and I look forward to dropping off the pictures so we can see you guys again.

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the two best things about the Eastern Shore

The water, and the farms. And n&j's engagement shoot took advantage of both. He lives on a farm, her parents live on the water, and it's all beautiful.

into the woods

fields of green
That is a clover field, and it smelled amazing. I could have stayed in it, shooting, for the rest of the evening, but I figured the pictures might start to look the same.

roll in the hay
A ginormous hay bale! I usually try to shoot against old brick walls because I love the texture, but hay bales are way, way better.

pier one
We then drove over to her parents' house, which had this totally awesome pier.

Love this. Love the color, love the light, love their expressions.

This was pretty much the best swing ever.

Isn't this light amazing?

And this would have to be my favorite image of the shoot. I just love the texture, and the light, and them. It's all good.


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

on the boardwalk

I just realized that I never blogged l&t's engagment shoot from back before the fourth of July! And that's terribly sad, because this was a very fun shoot to do. We them at the Ocean City boardwalk and proceeded to stroll around for about an hour grabbing shots whenever we saw a good spot. I love the images we created together.

with the ferris wheel
I love that you can see the ferris wheel behind them.

hollywood moment
They were so relaxed in front of the camera; it was awesome to see them laughing together.


on the pier
One of my favorites; I love the way you can see the color of the sunset streaming down the pier.

at the merry-go-round

the rest of the world goes spinning by

kissy lips
This was completely spontaneous, and I love it.


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Thursday, August 07, 2008

the gorgeous laidback couple

If I had to pick one word to describe this couple it would be "relaxed." They are so at ease, together and separately, that I was in awe. The flowers delayed the wedding for an hour because a tree was down? No problem! What should bridesmaids wear? Whatever they want! Super fun, super happy couple.

there wasn't enough room in the ladies'
With ten bridesmaids all vying for mirror space, there just wasn't enough room in the ladies' for everyone.

ready for dancing
ready for dancing

like a princess dress
the dress was from "a perfect dress" in Salisbury, which is owned by a friend of mine. K looked amazing in it.

Did I mention that the bridal room was goooorgeous?

the girls
all the girls

the more the merrier!
plus the little girls.

the kiss
The much-photographed kiss.

the red carpet
At the entrance to the reception, they had a red carpet. The entire wedding party had a blast posing for the "paparazzi."

cake cutting
Doesn't she make the best faces?

the rings

group shot
With such a large party, it was fun trying to fit everyone in the shot. I think it worked, though.

Seriously. Gorgeous.

lovely bride
Isn't she lovely?

happily ever after


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a big, fun, family wedding

C&B had a very simple backyard ceremony, complete with traditional Argentinean barbecue for the reception. The kids were in the pool, the margaritas were flowing, and C's dad was able to get out of the hospital in time for the wedding. It was beautiful and precious.

making her bouquet
Rather than pay a fortune to a florist, B bought her favorite flowers in bulk and made all her own arrangements. This is her bouquet.

blushing bride
Her dress was simple, and she looked lovely.

I now present...
They were married by his cousin.

going down the aisle
The new Mr. & Mrs.

getaway car
C is very much into hunting, so for the getaway car they decorated his little hunting buggy thing.

the rings
the rings


the toast

on the waterfront

never seen blue like that before


poolside by night

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