Sunday, December 28, 2008

the wedding of S&A

I shot these engagement photos back in June, and they were beautiful. A put tons of thought into them, so I couldn't wait for the wedding, knowing that it would be equally detailed, and I wasn't disappointed. The wedding was Demcember 7, in Princess Anne. The reception was at the UMES campus--I didn't even know you could have events there! The attention to detail in all things was fabulous, and it was a great end to the year. 

The amazing hair. 

Aren't the shoes fabulous? 


the lovely bride
With the coat and everything I think she looks like a Russian princess. 

a moment before they walked down the aisle
These are the sorts of moments you can't pose. 

And this is why I love mermaid gowns. So lovely. 

With four flowergirls, the aisle was well-flowered. 




in the graveyard
The guys had WAY too much fun in the graveyard. 

the guys

le church

kissing ball
Kissing ball!

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the wedding of K&D

So this wedding had Converse, M&Ms, The Postal Service, and amazing light. What more can you ask? K&D were married the weekend after Thanksgiving in Millersville, Maryland, in this amazing space. I loved the way they arranged things; the guests sat at round tables during the ceremony. 'Twas awesome.
So their engagement session was the first of the year for me, and their wedding was the second-to-last, and both were incredibly fun. I only wish this couple would stay in the area--I want to be their friend!

Haven't you heard? Rings are the sexy new accessory. 

big mistake?
Funniest. Groomsman. Ever. Kind of reminded me of Gumby. 

getting ready

last single girl look
Isn't she lovely? 

up the aisle
I think the sunglasses went nicely with his chucks. 

amazing light




the preacher

Right after the kiss. 

There were M&Ms as part of the centerpiece on every table.

first dance
First dance. Love their faces. 


That white blob to the right? That's her dad, hovering protectively. 


do not touch the cake

dance dance revolution


ladies in waiting

seriously--how awesome are these two?
How fun are they?

wedding party

more cool groomsmen

cool groomsman

along the road

winters kiss
I love how in this shot you can really feel the winteryness of it. 

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Sunday, December 21, 2008

the wedding of J&C

So this wedding just had amazing energy. We couldn't stop shooting and had a total blast. It was in a church near Ocean Pines, and the reception was in the hall. It was grand.

why eyes look amazing
So if I had my way, every one of my brides would wear fake eyelashes. They make the eyes look AMAZING.

le eyes
See? They work.

le shoes
Awesome shoes.

more rings

on with the dress
Getting ready with all the bridesmaids.

lipstick check
And a final lipstick check. We were in the church library (!) so there were no mirrors.

this is how real men get ready
And this is how real men get ready for....anything, I suppose.

roses for our mother
Giving flowers to Mary.

mr & mrs!
Newly pronounced.

There were mums all over the reception. I had to grab a shot with them.

first dance with head rub
First dance.

she has the best faces. Seriously.
Doesn't she make the best faces.

cakey goodness
For some reason I just love this cake picture.

my new right-hand man
My little apprentice! This is the brother of the groom, and he got bored, so I have him a camera. Woo!

ladies in waiting
the 'maids.

all the young dudes
The 'men.

the wedding party
the party.

more glamour
This is in the middle of a parking lot. Awesome, no?

in the parking lot

little dutch boy and girl
The little dutch boy and dutch girl.

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the engagement of L&T

I'm a little behind on the blogging, so this shoot is from a couple of weeks ago. We were planning on shooting in downtown Snow Hill, Maryland, and the day of it was raining. Hard. We decided to go ahead with the shoot unless it was raining so hard you absolutely could not see, using umbrellas as needed. The couple was amazing and fun and gooorgeous, and I can't wait for their wedding next year.

fog on the river
The rain created this amazing mist off the river, and it looked like a fairy tale.

the umbrellas of snow hill
The orange umbrella reappears!

merry christmas!
Is it just me, or is this the quintessential christmas card?

like a still from a french film
I love. This. Photo. To me it looks like a still from a french film.

norman rockwell revisited
The idea on this pose was to look very Norman Rockwell-esqe. I think it worked.

hollywood glamour in a small town
Hollywood glamour in a small small town.

not their church, but gorgeous nonetheless
Not their church, but I love churches.


she's a shoe girl
She's a shoe girl, too, and half our meetings are just talking about our latest acquisitions.

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Monday, December 01, 2008

the engagement of J&T

This is le husband's brother; we're shooting his wedding in July next year. While they were out for Thanksgiving we drove up to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, to take their engagement photos, and I love them. They're both super-photogenic (to the point that it's a little sickening), so I loved shooting them. Although I must confess to being a little nervous going into it; we're a very non-PDA family, so would it be weird to take mushy pictures of my brother-in-law? Fortunately, it was cool, and I love these pictures. 

There's this old house I love to use as a backdrop; I made them go inside. (Actually, J volunteered and T was sort of dragged along.) 

Isn't that light amazing? 

See, this is the way I usually use this space. 

Isn't she lovely? 

Hooray for brick walls! 

sweet moment
Yes, those "sexy brooding good looks" genes do run in the family. 

i've got a secret

On the steps to somewhere. 

almost a heart shape
I love the way they almost form the shape of a heart here. 

But that's not how it used to be/ When the jester sang for the king and queen
This makes me think of that line from American Pie about the king and queen and jester. 


an unfortunate moment ensued in which he attempted to recreate that scene from "forgetting Sarah Marshall"
Ok, so right before this picture was taken we had an unfortunate moment in which he attempted to reenact that moment from "Forgetting Sarah Marshall." yeah, THAT moment. 

marc jacobs ad, anyone?
Is it just me, or does this look like a Marc Jacobs ad? You know, these ads

they made with the smoochies

iconic much?
My absolute favorite, and once again, taken by le husband, NOT ME. Sadness. 

every heartbeat bears your name

penny lane
Penny Lane and ambient light. Love it. 

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engagement session of M&T

It was reallyreally cold the day we shot in downtown Snow Hill, but they were troopers! I love the pictures, and can't wait for the wedding.

eskimo kiss

the dip

happily ever after


blowing kisses


the fabulous blue wall

indie rock band

more kisses


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first preggo shoot!

So I am way WAY behind on blogging, I know. Seriously--about 3 weddings and who-knows-how-many other shoots? I'm trying to get everything wrapped up before Christmas so everyone has pictures for their cards, etc. I barely have time to eat, much less blog. So I'm going to do a wimp-out post and just give you a link to the sets, instead of posting every picture.

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