Monday, June 22, 2009

senior photos for K

Friday K and I drover over to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware to take a few senior photos. We left pretty early in order to avoid crowds, and I am super-glad we did; that place is crazy on summer weekends! So anyway, K is a killer tennis player, as well as being super-chill in front of the camera, and we had a blast. She'd never been to downtown Rehoboth! It was fun wandering around, checking out my favorite shooting spots, and generally being goofy. I love this girl!

Chilling on the pier. At this point the beach was relatively empty, but that didn't last long. 
high key, almost
How amazing is her smile? 

class of 2010!
Hooray for the class of 2010! K was my first senior of the year; I'm looking forward to the rest. 

It's hard work to get her to NOT SMILE, but worth it, I think. 

Yes, she can kill you with that thing. In the nicest way possible. 

my favorite
This has to be one of my favorites. 

We love this giant chessboard. 

Fields like this are why I love the Eastern Shore. 
piggy kisses!
Yes, you saw that right. My pets are once again being used as props. K loves Agatha. Well, obviously. 
with agatha
If you're interested in senior photos for this year, my prices are here. I'm not full yet, so shoot me an email and we'll figure out what you need! 

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