Thursday, February 19, 2009

the wedding of m&r

M&R were married on January 10; her family has a thing about winter weddings. The wedding ended up being during the playoffs, and the Ravens were playing, so we got score updates throughout the reception. Awesomeness! This couple was too much fun, and I think they have a kind of retro classic gorgeousness.

father of the bride

pillow toss!

the dress

something blue
Something blue. 

The soon-to-be. 

playing around

ring bearers
cutest ringbearers ever! And super-good. 

the kiss
We couldn't use flash, and the church had these really strong spotlights, which led to very dramatic looks. But I liked. 

mr & mrs!
This picture looks so timeless to me.

grand entry


mother son dance
Instead of just having a slideshow, these two had it playing during their dances. So while R danced with his mom, there were pictures of his childhood flashing on the screen. It was pretty amazing. 

first dance
Le husband was playing around with off camera flash and it made the dances look amazing. 

first dance
I love her expression here. 

this is the song alcohol.
This is the song "alcohol" by Brad Paisley. Their favorite, I think? 

the garter

This is the first wedding where I've been there when the DJ played "shout." Awesomeness!

the guys
Amazing, no? Jared took this one. 



trying to get a picture with the flower girls
And we TRIED to get pictures with the youngest flower girl. She wasn't having it. 

the happy couple

SO lovely. 


pictures from the daycare!

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coloring time!