Tuesday, May 19, 2009

the wedding of m&b

These two were married in April at the Tidewater Inn in Easton, Maryland. We shot their engagement photos back in December in St. Michaels, so Jared and I were both super-excited to see them again.
These two live in Tennesse, so they were planing the wedding long-distance, and M's attention to detail was amazing. It was an earlier wedding, with brunch, which I always love (all the best of breakfast and lunch! It's like a "greatest hits" meal!), a string quartet, chinese lanterns, and some of my favorite flowers so far this year.

First stop of the day was at the hair salon.


She had the most amazing faces as she watched her bridal look come together.

Aren't the flowers gorgeous? Those are mostly poppies.

I loved the pops of color everywhere, including her shoes.

This was their cheer before the headed down to the wedding. 

Adorable flower girl! 

orange and pink
Chinese lanterns!

ready and waiting
Waiting for the girls to appear. 

Her dad was incredibly genial and kept her laughing until it was time to walk down the aisle. 

But sadly, nothing would make this little guy smile. Well, one of them made it down the aisle at least! 

I love how it looks like the little flower girl is waiting for her turn. 

first dance
First dance. 

how amazing is her laugh?
This is the girlfriend of the brother, and she's awesome. (Here she is being our lighting model.)

blue steel
See that, on the back row? That's blue steel. And in the front lower-righthand corner, that's his attempt. I think he needs more practice. 

The end! 

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Monday, May 11, 2009


A single shot of yesterday's perfectly gorgeous wedding in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.


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Monday, May 04, 2009

the engagement of a&w

So I've been looking forward to these pictures for a while; A collects monkeys, while W is obsessed with cows. Both of them have very fun, easy-going personalities, so I was looking forward to putting that into pictures. WELL. We had this shoot scheduled for more than a month, right? Thinking that the last Sunday in April would be lovely and gorgeous...and it was, if you were at the beach. Otherwise you were, like us, slogging around in 90-degree heat, trying to avoid visible sweatmarks. Well these two were troopers, and despite being dragged into a creepy old house (where I fell through the floor), having to leap through a field, and being accosted by passersby, they kept smiling, and I love. these. pictures. Hopefully the wedding will be cooler, you guys?

shoes! loving the pink and red.

the ring
Nice rock. :D
under the grand old tree
Under the grand old tree.

more jumps
This might be the best jumping picture EVER.

Well, except this one. Doesn't he look like he's floating? I should totally photoshop in some wings. 

angry monkey!
The monkey is angry that he isn't, um, included?

Yay! My favorite scary house! 
ring pops!
Ring pops! Totally his idea, and I love it. 

lens flare.
And that would be how it came out of the camera, people. Love. 

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