Sunday, August 30, 2009

the wedding of b&l

These two were married 35 years ago, and I had the incredible privilege of photographing the ceremony at which the re-united in marriage. Only their immediate family was in attendance, and it was quiet, gorgeous, and perfect. Afterwards we all slipped down to the beach for a few family photos, and it was a lovely way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

the whole family

foot-popping kiss


the boys

The girls

ring around the rosy

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the engagement of k&a

So I'm a little late posting these; we took them a few weeks ago, and their wedding is this weekend (!!!). But I wanted to share just a couple of the images; I just loved the shoot, and think this couple is just ridiculously gorgeous.

We drove to Longwood Gardens for the shoot; that's where he proposed. Well, I'd never shot there before, and it had been a while since I even visited, so I was glad to go back. It. Was. Lovely. It was also hotter and more muggy than you would think possible, but these two were troopers! By the end of the shoot we were all damp with sweat, exhausted, and hungry, but they still looked adorable, plus we got to spend the rest of the two-hour drive just chilling and chatting about life, church, youth groups, and how awesome families are. Seriously? I can't wait for Saturday, you two. It's going to be AWESOME.











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Thursday, August 13, 2009

a gallery is up!

Remember these guys? This adorably cute pair of people that I happen to be related to? Well, their full gallery is up. So click here, and the username is "GroomsnameLovesBridesname." Password is 20352. Enjoy!

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Monday, August 10, 2009

teh wedding of t&l

You know how sometimes you're just so excited about something that you can't wait to share? Well, that would be me with the wedding that we shot on Saturday. Things were structured a little differently than usual; we had the incredible privilege of watching Robert Evans and Candice Cunningham shoot the wedding, and got to learn from watching their expertise. J and I were also shooting, but in more of a second shooter capacity, and so our coverage was even more photojournalistic than usual. And here's the thing: I LOVE IT. This couple is absolutely gorgeous, every detail of their wedding is well-thought-out, and you could not have asked for better light. So here, without further ado, are maybe 200 of my favorite images from the day. It's a lot, I know. But to me it feels like I'm watching the whole day unfold again, and I love it. 

the wedding of todd & lana from Laura Dye on Vimeo.

Thanks, you two, for letting us be part of your day! And thanks, Robert & Candi, for letting us tag alongside. You two are rockstars!
The full gallery of images will be up here by September 1st, so check back!

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Thursday, August 06, 2009

family beach photos!

This amazing family was down in the Ocean City area for vacation and wanted to get family photos taken by someone else, but something came up. Since they already had their outfits and really wanted them done, they asked around and a friend gave them my name. We didn't meet until the day of the shoot, and that day everything was conspiring against us; traffic was insane, it looked like it might storm, and the beach was crowded.
But when we finally managed to get on the same beach at the same time, I had a freaking blast. This family, besides being gorgeous, is just super-fun. The kids were awesome, their parents were amazing, and I'm so glad I met them! Can't wait until next year.

I usually plan on throwing away the first ten or so shots, just because it takes a little while for everyone to relax. Nope! Not this family. How adorable is the little guy's face?

love. this. image.
This has to go on my all-time favorites list. I love the sense of movement with all the kids.

classic Laura Dye shot.
Lens flare! Yes, very classic laura dye shot.

Isn't she lovely? She's going to be the princess for sure, seeing as she's the only girl.

how much do you want to snuggle this face?
The whole shoot all I wanted was to pick him up and snorgle those adorable dimples. He would have NONE OF IT.

Five kids and they still look this amazing. Wow.

Love. This. Image. That is all!

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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

practicing techniques just for fun

So here's the thing about being a photographer: there's always a new skill to master, One of the ones Jared and I have been working on lately is this off-camera flash thing. It's tricker than one might think to use it to advantage. So we combined the need to practice with my love of DC at night as well as our incredibly gorgeous friends and you have the DC at night shoot. This shoot doesn't have a story, but some of the images are fabulous in my humble opinion.

This is our pretend underage scandal image. J looked so respectable in his tux that we kept cracking senator jokes and this was the result.

This is the whole group who showed up to pose, sweat, and generally be awesome. 

The lovely ladies of our group. 

Yes, she's a dancer, and you don't want to know how many times I made her do this. 

I love photographing dancers! 

No, she's not a dancer, but she's just lovely. 

This image is one of Jared's, and I love the fierceness. 

So, so cute. 

I love the intimacy of this shot. How adorable are they? 

Another one of Jared's images. I love the framing and the story inside it. 

Hahahaha. He rode his bike all over DC with those wings, and it was AWESOME. 

One of Jared's images. 

I love. This. Picture. To me it feels like a still from an old movie. 

Also this one. Mr Smith goes to Washington, maybe? 

There's a much more Bond-esqe version of this shot, but I liked his smile too much not to share it. 

Yes, they are amazing. 

Ladies and gentlemen, she probably will be president at some point, so just get used to the Jackie O suits now. 

I'm sure I'll do another one of these shoots at some point; hopefully more photographers will join!

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