Wednesday, March 17, 2010

photo of the day: in memory

It's quite possible, and even probable, that I've posted this photo before. But that's ok: I'll keep posting this picture, every year, on Saint Patricks Day, until I just stop blogging. Because St Patricks Day will never be just a holiday to me any more: it's the anniversary of the death of Randi Dye, my husband's mother. Today marks 4 years since she finally succumbed in her battle against breast cancer, leaving behind 6 kids, the youngest of which was 8.
This picture was taken in July of 2005, less than 12 months before she died, and it's one of only a handful that I've taken of her. The family had driven in from Ohio for one last family vacation before Jared's and my wedding in the fall, and we spent as much time as possible at the beach. She couldn't walk much at that point--there were tumors in her legs--but she still managed to organize meals and rally hordes of people out the door.
You can see in this shot how thin she is, and you can even see a little bit of the distortion that the tumors were causing in her head. But she's laughing, and that's how I try to remember her.

my mother in law

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