Monday, March 01, 2010

photo of the day: the white shirt project

I'm presenting next week at Ignite Sussex, and as I've been working on the slides I got the motivation I needed to start a project that has been percolating for while: the white tshirt project. Eventually I plan to have black and white prints of bunches of my friends mounted on the walls of my living room, but I started with the ten people I had handy last night. (Yes, there are only nine in the collage. Ten is much harder to fit into a rectangle.) 

The point that the images go with for the presentation, however, is this: the part of my job that I love, the reason I can't take pictures of houses or flowers or rocks, is there is this moment, after you shove someone in front of a camera, when suddenly they relax, you connect, they look at the camera, forget it's there, and see you. And that smile, that moment of realness, is what I live for.

I hope to grow this thing eventually

(You can view a larger version here, and the whole set is here. I'll be adding to it eventually.)

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