Tuesday, April 06, 2010

photo of the day: public service announcement

So today we're going to add something to the collective knowledge base and I'm going to pass on a handy tip so you can avoid my rookie mistake. Here we go.
I talk all the time about changing your perspective, seeing things differently, looking for a new shot or angle. However. Turning your camera so it's crooked is not the answer. A BAD PICTURE IS STILL A BAD PICTURE EVEN THOUGH YOUR CAMERA IS AT AN ANGLE. If the photo is boring, turning the camera all wonkified isn't going to change that. Get a different subject, get rid of distracting backgrounds, whatever. Don't just turn your camera slightly and call it "arty." It's not arty. It's lazy.
Exhibits A-E:
vintage porkchop
This picture is about 8 years old and was taken with a point and shoot, so, um, I'm sorry. But seriously: what exactly does the angle accomplish here other than chopping off her hand? Expression is good, light is decent; make this a vertical and it would be frame-able. As it is, this picture is stuck in limbo.

le cake
It looks like the cake is about to fall off the plate.

shoes one
See? Angle does NOT equal artistic. Nor does uber-crappy vignetting.

And again!

amongst the greenery
Gah! If I had walked in front of him a tiny bit so the background was filled with green and then turned it so the camera was straight, this image would be awesome. As it is...eh.

So I took all these pictures, ok? I just went and pulled them off my flickrstream. LEARN FROM IT, people. I've exposed my lameness (and there's more where that came from) and don't let this public humiliation be in vain. Straighten those cameras and make your subject the interesting part.

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Blogger Jessica said...

I'm super guilty of this! In fact, I've consciously been telling myself to avoid shooting all "wonkified" because I always, always end up over-doing it. Better to just find a different option, like you said.

The only person I know who consistently pulls off really good wonkification is Kat.

10:49 PM  

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