Thursday, April 22, 2010

photo of the day: happy earth day

To celebrate Earth Day on my day off, I joined a bunch of Starbucks coworkers and picked up trash by the side of the road in Ocean City, Maryland. At the very end as we were headed back to the cars, I made the boys pose in front of this sign. They're being hams, yes, but I thought the message particularly appropriate for today.

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

photo of the day: camera (wo)man

One of my favorite things to do at receptions is take pictures of people taking pictures. Meta, I know. I particularly love watching how other people use their cameras, and, well, if they've had a little alcohol the results can be rather amusing. Trust me: I understand that expression on her face all too well. I'm sure I've had it before.


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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

the wedding of j&e

These two were married in a beach ceremony in Ocean City, and the reception followed at Lighthouse Sound. Every detail of this wedding was delightful, and E coordinated it all amazingly, especially considering she lives three hours away. These two are a blast! I loved hanging with them, meeting their wedding party, and generally having a grand old time. It. Was. Fabulous. But I'll let the pictures tell you.

Look at her eyes! I couldn't stop taking pictures, trying to capture the amazing color.

"want a mic?"
Yes, this would be bathroom karaoke.

don't you just want to hang out with her?
Don't you just want to chill with her? Trust me: you so do. She's awesome.


the kiss
The kiss.

first family picture
You guys, I got to take their first official family picture. HOW AWESOME IS MY JOB?

Dancing flower girls!


First dance.

first dance
His little son joined them for the end of the first dance. Was awesome.

So I loved his shoes, and totally followed him around all night trying to get a picture of both of our feet. This was the best I could do.

crazy awesome dancing. with chinese lanterns
Now that's what I call dancing.

father daughter dance
This has to be one of my favorite images ever. Look at the emotion in her eyes. Love it.

And look how her dad is just cradling her. It was so precious.


the clubhouse at night
See? pretty people in a pretty place.

the girls
I was totally teasing e that she picked brunette bridesmaids on purpose to make herself stand out more. But seriously: awesome ladies!

the guys
These guys were hilarious.

the party

There was actually a rescue WHILE we were shooting these images. I felt vaguely disrespectful continuing to shoot, but there you go. (Don't worry: everyone was fine.)

::only with laughter can you win::
So lovely.

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Sunday, June 28, 2009

the wedding of c&h

These two were married in June of 2009 at the Sunset Room in Ocean City, Maryland. I hadn't gotten to meet either of them previous to the ceremony, since they live in Oregon, so we completely interviewed over the phone. It was so lovely to actually meet them face to face! They're an incredibly lovely couple, and just tons of fun. I had a blast shooting the wedding.

stick a penny in her shoe
These two pennies had the birth year of the couple, and were the bride's "something borrowed." I loved it. 

first look
This was his first look at her. Look at that expression! 


C held it together for the ceremony, but just fell apart right afterward. So sweet. 

first dance
Their first dance was amazing. 

that's one lucky guy

cake attach
cake attack! 
This was a super-cute cake smush. 


Favorite, I think. 

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